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The Chilly Towel can assist people for various reasons related to overheating:

  • Fevers

  • Hot Flushes

  • Menopause

  • Medical Conditions

  • Bad Circulation

  • Sports and Heat Stress


  • Instantly Cools

  • Stays Chilled for Hours

  • Dry To Touch
  • Easy Activation: Simply Wet, Wring & Shake

  • Cools to 30° Below Average Body Temperature
  • Stays Fresh When Moist in Container

  • Unique Hyper-evaporative Fibre

  • Doesn't Saturate Clothing or Bed Sheets

  • Re-Usable & Machine Washable

  • Great for Heat Related Illnesses
  • Perfect for the Gym

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My name is Chris and I am in my late 50s.

I have been going through menopause for the last 10 years. I suffer greatly from hot flushes, especially at night which keeps me awake. I was recommended by a friend who purchased the Chilly Towel for the same symptoms I suffer from. She was over the moon as to how well the Chilly Towel helped her hot flushes.

I have tried many products over the year's and found no satisfaction until I used the Chilly Towel.
I was amazed how well the Chilly Towel worked,  finally I had found a product that helped lessen the symptoms of my hot flushes.  

I highly recommend the Chilly Towel to anyone that suffers from hot flushes or any other heat related problems.
Thanks Chilly Towel!





For anyone out there who loves their treadmill, exercises and perspires with it, you should do yourself a favour and buy one of these.


This product is unbelievable. As a trained salesman, this product doesn’t need selling. It speaks for itself! Fantastic find!!





Being in Bali at the moment, I'm using my chilli towel everywhere, I am so happy I packed it. Thank you!




I took mine to Singapore, Cambodia & Thailand recently and can I just say, it was my saviour! The humidity at times was overwhelming and combined with menopausal flushes...I would have been in a bit of a pickle without it.
Not just for me, I actually passed it to a couple of ladies on our tour that were overcome by heat exhaustion and they loved it. When they recovered, they came to ask where they could purchase one!

It stayed cool and wet, didn't smell and was a perfect travel companion. I now have my second chilly towel permanently housed with my suitcase, so I never forget to pack it.

Great product! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to everyone who travels or experiences flushes!



The chilly towel saved me on a long flight. I had to take my glove off that I would normally wear for lymphademia after an hour as my hand started to swell. I wrapped the chilly towel around my hand & it cooled the hand down & swelling went down! It stayed cool on the 8 hour flight
! Great product! Xox



I am a chef that works in a very busy kitchen. Most days it gets very hot with all the ovens and cooktops on, so I have to say when I was introduced to the Chilly Towel I was very impressed and now most of us that work in the kitchen have one. Amazing way to keep cool.